Feb 29, 2016

Motiontwin Hack 2016

In response to the James Franco masterpiece 'the interview' - North Korea unleashed the fury on Sony Entertainment, believing the ps4 to be an inferior machine when compared with golden eye on the n64.

MotionTwin Dev hard at work on exciting Season 13 Updates
Fast forward however many years it's been since then, seems that motiontwin have suffered a similar fate in response to the latest Gérard Depardieu movie - 'Green Card 2: greener, cardier' due to release straight to vhs next month. 
Leaked straight through the wire mesh direct to the meat locker incident, we are able to bring you fresh never before seen content direct from the MT offices! As we sift through the thousands of unedited documents, screenshots and private presentations, we will bring you the juciest, ripest turds of the bunch.

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