Mar 7, 2016

Questions, not answers

Included in the direct transfer to our private and secure twinoid dump in the 4th stall was a cryptic message from the western European hacker responsible for the Irish paddy style YouTube clip:

"Oh shit, the shareholders wont be happy that this infoz is out in the Public eye.
  • Has the $$$ value dropped? Real questions need answering here.
  • Exactly who was in the meeting? I need those minutes on my desk by 7am yesterday.
  • And what exactly can we expect the reaction to more Cena CPs will be? 
  • Where does this put us for Q4 of this fiscal year?
  • Can we spreadsheet around this BP-esque Oil Spill?
  • will the trousers be wipe clean?
  • And how will my pension be affected?"

Does anyone care enough to answer any of these pressing issues? It sounds like a lot of effort and we're already busy with other research topics and building the new orbital meaty headquarters.

76 - never forget

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