Jan 20, 2016

[Sugg] [IMP] New Pants

Brought to you by the sassiest tamers in the land. We meant to choose SCOUT... missclicks happen but look at these friggin pants!!!


We should all be so lucky. Seriously... we should be. Different occasions call for different pants and we are woefully unprepared. How many times have you been invited to swanky dinner at Dukes Villa but found out that you have nothing to wear? It's nearly impossible to splash about in the abandoned well until peak fun if you aren't wearing your 3/4 shorts.

Let's get this SUGGESTION thread poppin people. We are talking about something that NEEDS to happen! Think about it.... NEW PANTS!


We bring to you, from our fashion department, all the pants that we pledge to make happen.
  • Pan pants
  • Keith pants
  • Shep pants
  • trousers pants
  • pants pants
  • jeans pants
  • jeggings pants
  • leggings pants
  • pajamajeans pants
  • onesies pants
  • dungarees pants
  • overalls pants
  • shorts pants
  • 3/4 shorts pants
  • chinos pants
  • petal pushers pants
  • courduroys pants
  • cigarette pants
  • skinny pants
  • flared pants
  • tapered pants
  • slim pants
  • hot pink slice of ass pants (courtesy of isliceyobread)
This guy knows what he's doin--->
Absolutely fabulous.
We can play dress up for months! Oh my god this is so exciting!!!


Already an implemented, major aspect of the game. But who among us is truly satisfied at coming home every shitty day to a dirty hovel, and having to their clean admittedly fashionable IKEA furniture then their honestly unfashionable wardrobe?

For what- we have all asked ourselves. To clean the same dookie pants day in and day out? Be it scavenging. Be it building. Be it mayering. Be it having fancy dinner at Duke's Villa with all our homie babes? No. NEW PANTS NOW. NEW PANTS FOR ALL.

Look how boss we look in new pants!


Pssssttttt Mr Crow think about all the scrilla you can make off this swanky idea. We aren't just talking micro transactions... we're talking macro transactions!
$1.99      Pair of pants
$4.99      Pile of pants 
$9.99      Box of pants 
$49.99    Lots of pants 
$499.99  All the pants

Let's see some of the loving responses. Leave feedback now!


  1. Find the secret game link in the article kids!

  2. You guys are the best!!

    I do think all the pants should only be $50
    You found both the boxes and all the pants in the desert.
    No ben franklins for previously worn