Dec 4, 2015

Why residents forum is so hot

Come to Dallas' Fun Club and find yourself lost in:
Dallas has recently revealed that this is in fact a competition and that prizes include 
  1. Solid gold plunger
  2. Solid gold fork
  3. Solid gold machete
The rules have been posted! From the wall of text we can discern a few things:
  1. 4-6 sentences please: dallas is not a picky guy
  2. dallas will tattoo the winning poem on his buttcheeks 
  3. you need some special 5 star award winning piece to win this shit
Just remember when you make a motto for this wonderful game that you:
  1. go off topic as much as possible
  2. usereallylongwords makesurethey'reinitalics
  3. MAKE YOUR MARK with the BIGGEST, BADDEST, SASSIEST wall of text you can muster. And if you run out of ideas just talk about bacon, or sex, or butts, or the crow. No one can fault you for that. And then if you're really still stuck then just call Shep names, like fat ham, or bell jingler, or hoho whore, get him really in the Christmas spirit and he might very well reply to you and help you with getting those creative juices flowing to make even more walls of text. 
Dallas, you really are one fly guy. Don't stop makin that residents forum hot. 

"come get yo bling bling bitchez"


  1. Three became two? Wait, who? When? Watch me whip, doings neigh neigh, did they add horses yet?

  2. Could it be, our lord and saviour?! Let me edit that out