Dec 8, 2015


Welcome to Draw2nite, Wreckyourmap2nite, Graffitimaster2nite ... forget it.. 

Welcome to 
Courtesy of the Unsanitary Collossseum
Sponsored by KingDouche

As a festive welcome back celebration just for us we undertook yet another deep undercover penetrative mission into the world beyond (scouts you know what we're talkin about).

We love distinction whoring, so f*ck it, we'll make our own! (We only slightly hope that our raindance brings the Crow with many BRDs for us. Crow, it was all for you)

We salute you
We bring to you the official Die2nite Scout Sign.

 Firstly, this required a lot of spreadsheets and we believe is revolutionary strategy in realtime.

Secondly, I know you don't believe us so we have brought in our resident expert and very, very top secret double agent KingDouche to explain how this is the ultimate d2n strategy on the official blueprints:

"a truly magnificent strategy" - Dream

Phase 1: Day 1
Initial hiccups have been resolved, blackopchode commences
Excellent progress made. Nothing found in the world beyond but manbags, sacks of cement, toolbags and other such fallacies. Is this a sign from crowjesus?

Though team red ball was in the zone today, town citizens were quick to blast a hole in it. Already on day 1. The terries do work fast.

We've been teabagging d2n since 2011, still not as well as Ryscar

Phase 2: Day 2 

Despite citizen efforts to stab red ball with manbags, phase2.shaft was truly our swan dance, with both team red and team blue finishing far too early when we touched tips with many blue souls yet to be placed on the map.

Citizens continued to shy their eyes from the perfectly centred, rising cock and balls.

Touching tips: no shits given
Phase 2: Day 3 Pan leaves Shep with blue balls and a meaty bone 

Tragedy strikes the squadron! Pan falls asleep at the control centre just before shep can blow his load on the map. Blackopchode delays!

The show must go on.... D2N called Panz a tool bag... lulz

Day 3: Things Come to a Head

Achieving such a raging climatic payoff, would not have been possible without the ridiculous amount of drugs and alcohol "borrowed" from the town. Thanks guys *thumbs up*.

The finished product was posted in the town forum and results documented.... 

...and ultimately buried with IMP & explorable bunker stuff.

Zero f#cks given
way to go boys!

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