Dec 20, 2015

Soft Core BEAT

Despite the best efforts of Blazon (who tried to leave him behind on the day of the jump), Beat made it into a town for MMJ. I think we all know how that's going!? Well... maybe we all don't know? We here at MLI have noticed that some say it's great, some say this guy has no idea what he's talking about, and some just say why the hell are there cats inside of these snakes?

To get to the bottom of things, we have conducted a girthy interview with this Resident Forum hero and 


[Please excuse the production quality. These boom mics are horribly awkward.]

Maybe this guy isn't so dumb? He almost nailed that one... except for all that survivalist stuff wtf?

MMJ in 4 words: "i was npt finished" - Beat

McQuade just absolutely crushing it with inappropriate comments...

Prepare yourself for DRAMA


Your probably saying to yourself "OMG... how can they publish this?" 

Since you asked...

Keep up the good work Beat. We think your swell and you can eat any citizen you want!

*Note bene: "I'd make a suggestion to add softcore beats to all major porn site directory"

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